February, 25

PHYTODEPURATION. Phytodepuration to protect the environment, prevent overflows and landslides, re-qualify and reclaim lands: the conference shows the state of the art of researches in Italy and significant case histories, with the participation of CNR, Enea, Milan Politecnico, PPAA. Organized by GreenPlanner and Change Up!
Conference title: PYHTO BENEEFIT: SOILS, AIR AND WATER PURIFIED BY PLANTS. How to purify the environment through plants. Sustainable solutions using natural resources.
In 2014, due to landslides and overflows, 33 people died, 46 were injured and more than 10,000 people had to temporarily leave their houses. Similar events hit 220 municipalities in 19 Italian regions, especially in the North-West and in the Centre.
During the conference, some experts and researchers will illustrate the best solutions using plants, respecting the environment. Smart projects and investments are crucial to face the hydro-geologic risks, which in Italy are the main natural disasters due to the climate change. The conference will also deal with landscape requalification and reclamation topics, especially addresses to the public administration, but also project managers, engineers, agronomists and journalists.
PAV 6, 10 a.m.

February, 25

Landscape REQUALIFICATION landscape re-qualification and light infrastructures: Green Path. Workshop with special guests dedicated to the big cycle paths in Italy and abroad, some of which are already built or under construction. Meeting point between landscape topics and the role of cycle paths to discover the territory, the landscape and the wine and food culture. In addition to the importance of subjects such as agriculture, new accommodation solutions and security. VEN-TO and MI-LU projects, Mincio river cycle path, Landscape Expo Tour.

Perfect opportunity to meet for public administration officers, technicians, engineers, green companies in order to cooperate and create new opportunities to develop territory, tourism and economy. Chaired by Alessandra Coppa. Organized by EN SPACE.

PAV 10, 2.00 p.m., special area GreEN Space Solutions

February, 25

Horizontal and vertical green solutions in the city. Meeting on requalification and promotion of the urban landscape, which involves the flower and plant and the construction sector. The new green spaces in Porta Nuova and the Bosco Verticale in Milan. Chaired by Alessandra Coppa.
PAV 10, 4.30 p.m.

February, 25

ELCA – European Landscape Contractors Association – PRESS CONFERENCE. Presentation of Green Infrastructures, an international project to re-qualify great urban/metropolitan areas, in partnership with Green City Italia and the international network of European Green Cities. Chairman: Andreas Kipar.

Conference title: Green Infrastructures. Green Infrastructures are based on the principle that the protection and promotion of nature, its processes and human society should be integrated in all landscape development projects. Building green infrastructures in the urban areas strengthens the interest in civic values and cohabitation, offering great economic and immaterial benefits.

They were unusual concepts in the past, but now are part of the common-shared values: the combination of the hydro-geologic prevention and the increase of bio-diversities, the protection of nature and the economic development, the fight against climate change and the improvement of the standard of life.

European Green Cities, an international network of cities which combine a sustainable approach to the standard of life, support Myplant and present some good practices case studies on these themes, introducing the latest strategies to make the cities more green, sustainable and peaceful.

PAV 10, 5:00 p.m.

February, 26

QUALIVIVA: AIAPP convention on assessing quality in Italy’s flower and plant sector through suitable tools and on the new technical documents concerning green works. The meeting aims at promoting the creation of quality green areas through tools conceived to support private and public companies.
PAV 10, 9:00 a.m.

February, 26

IT Management and Security of public green areas. During the meeting some experts will talk about the advantages of a computer census of green areas, which tools can be adopted to create and manage the data about green spaces and the role they have for the maintenance and security of trees.
Organized by Futura Sistemi and StudioPandini.
PAV 6, 11:00 a.m.

February, 26

Conference: Production and sustainable use of cultivation substrates. Organized by AIPSA (Italian Association of Substrate and Soil Producers).

The concept of sustainability has become one of the qualifying factors in the flower and plant sector. The conference will be about possible strategies to optimize resource efficiency, starting from raw materials to substrate cultivations. The meeting is sponsored by the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences –Production, Landscape and Agro-energy, University of Milan.

PAV 6, 1:00 p.m.

February, 26

AICG (Italian Association of Garden Centres) meeting. Title: ‘The future of Garden Centers’, with several sector experts.

After the meeting dedicated to retailers, special guest Felipe Grabiel will deliver a speech. He is Sr. Creative & Innovations Manager at Costa Farm –leader company in the sector, working on 3,500 acres of land and employing 4,000 people, with business branches in the USA, Asia and in the Caribbeans.

PAV 10, 2:00 p.m.

February, 27

The importance of Italian flowers. To complete the product exhibition, the events and fashion shows connected with flower decoration, a conference on the promotion of flowers through the Italian style will take place.

With the participation of Mario Selicato (president of Assofioristi), Carlo Sprocatti (president of Federfiori), Cristiano Genovali (president of Associazione Piante e Fiori d’Italia ), Chicco Pastorino (leader of I Fioristi Italiani), Cafiero Catello (president of Flora Pompei), Anna Zottola (Headmaster of Scuola Minoprio), chairman Walter Pironi.

PAV 10, 10:00 a.m.

February, 27

Flower and plant companies on the way of sustainability. Workshop on new and concrete opportunities of resource optimization, sustainability, saving for flower and vegetable companies: biomasses, photovoltaic systems, sustainable mobility, certifications, financial aids…With the participation of Bit spa, Hoval, eCube. Organized by GreenPlanner publishers and W-Io.

PAV 6, 10:00 p.m.



Exhibition created for Progetto Florintesa by ENEA, Forum Plinianum and Società Botanica Italiana, sponsored by MIUR. The exhibition, through videos and panels, introduces the public to the green world with special focus on the fantastic Italian flower heritage. Many themes are introduced: introduction to plant life, Italy’s flowers, ecosystem’s functions and services, landscape, botanical gardens, professions.


Project dedicated to a selection of professionals working in the building, architecture and garden design sectors. It offers solutions (tangible or to be made) to build cycle paths, light infrastructures and paths surrounded by nature. To support green and sustainable tourism, landscape development and biodiversities. Organized by EN SPACE.


It will exhibit innovative solutions to sleep outdoors. A growing touristic trend for touristic hotels surrounded by nature, an innovative accommodation solution, a new experience to be in contact with, to give value and to invest on green spaces. Organized by EN SPACE.


A special area dedicated to classic and new trends concerning flower decoration in Italy.
A sequence of exhibition areas and shows, emotional installations and meetings among producers, retailers, opinion leaders and masters of the main schools of flower decoration in Italy.
During the fair the performances will be inspired by the Baroque artistic period: the reference points will be Caravaggio, Bernini, Borromini and Vivaldi.
With the participation of Associazione Nazionale Piante e Fiori d’Italia and the organization support of the guide “I Fioristi Italiani”.

Joining teachers:
• Chicco Pastorino, Gigi Iodice, Pino, Spurio Riposati from Pianeta Fiore school
• Roberto Zamboni, Carmen Gambarota, Erica Gennari, Cristina Callegari, Luisella Righetto, Carmelo Antonuccio from Laboratorio Idee school
• Silvano Erba and Francesca Buriassi from Federfiori school
• Maria Cecilia Serafino and Valeria Santamaria from Scultura Fiori school
• Paolo Maffei and Mario Gobbi from Assofioristi school

Many students of the participating schools will join and help to create the flower decorations.
The Mercato dei Fiori in Pompei and the Mercato dei Fiori in Viareggio will supply the flowers.
Milan is the fashion and design capital: exhibitions, fashion shows and ‘flower dances’ will be presented to promote the most updated trends and decoration potentialities of the ‘flower fashion’ world.


A design installation dedicated to an object which is the protagonist of furniture styles, environments and atmospheres. Organized by BSCAPE, landscape architecture.


Historic-photo-iconographic exhibition on the development of Italy’s garden centres on a special anniversary for the historic magazine Green Up. Organized by Laboratorio Verde.


Installation by architect Irina Mantello (AIAPP member) in which water, soil, grass and plants of various origins will offer visitors an oasis of serenity and wellness. A real floating vegetable garden with a strong emotional, botanical and design appeal.


Photo exhibition by Claudia Zanfi, Green Island. Images Alberto Callari.

Internationally recognized as one of the greatest contemporary landscapers, author of the note ‘High Line’ in New York and the original garden in ‘Millenium Park’ in Chicago, Piet Oudolf plays a fundamental role in the urban garden renewal concept.