Ital-Agro: more than 70 years and don’t feel them!

More than 70 years of passion for gardening and the care of the vegetable garden, more than 70 years of research and development, more than 70 years of effective and easy-to-use products and solutions, dedicated to green lovers  and to all those consumers who love to take care of their spaces where they can “cultivate their passion”, whether they are balconies, lawns, flower beds, gardens or vegetable gardens.

To reach the consumer, Ital-Agro has always considered the specialized shop as the reference channel, establishing solid and consolidated partnerships. We support professionalism with ad hoc communication materials for increasingly specialized advice and focused to consumers needs.

In these 70 years we have developed, distributed and proposed effective products, often innovative and always with the aim of satisfying the final consumer, without forgetting the protection of the environment and the safety of the user which are always in the first place when we think to a new product. We can also count on the research and development of two of the leading companies in the professional and amateur world, Sipcam Oxon, the first Italian multinational in the agrochemical sector and Evergreen Garden Care, which in 2018 took over all of Scotts’ European and Australian business, and remains the first European company in the Home & Garden sector.

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