Budget law: yes to the “green bonus”

“The green bonus will be activated. It would have been impossible for me to think of a green manoeuvre without the green bonus.” These are the words of the Minister of Agricultural Policies Teresa Bellanova, who was in Matera at a meeting of Coldiretti about “food and culture”. “We have made an effort as a Ministry, and with our own resources we have obtained an extension of the bonus. Thanks to this we will be able to work on the climate crisis and make our cities greener and more inclusive. This is also the reason why the plans to implement green areas should become a priority in urban projects.”

The “green bonus” has been introduced in the Budget law for 2018 and it entails a 36% deduction on the costs for the restoration of private outdoor areas of existing buildings, real estate units, pertinent spaces or enclosures, irrigation systems and creation of pits with greenery, and for the creation of green roofs and rooftop gardens. The deduction covers expenses up to 5,000 Euro.

“The green bonus is a useful incentive for our Country: it involves bigger earnings linked to the contrast of illegal work – as it happens in other sectors – by tracing payments, not to mention sanitary and environmental benefits for cities, thus encouraging the redevelopment of private and common green areas.”