Italy is the second European exporting country of horticultural products (behind the Netherlands and before of Germany and Spain). Italian exports reached 1.23 billion euros (production value), up slightly on 2021 (Istat, Eurostat, AIPH).

The volume is generated mainly by the 780 million of ornamental plants and nursery (excluding fruit trees and shrubs, which are worth 90 million), the 300 million euros of potted plants, the 170 million euros derived from foliage, branches, mosses, lichens, etc., cut, fresh or treated, and the 135 million euros of cut flowers.

The good performance of exports guarantees a positive trade balance (+370 million) despite the increase in imports (from 600 to 865 million).

The 27 EU countries are the main market for Italian products (about 80%).

70% of Italian exports are destined, in order, to France and the Netherlands (225 million each), Germany (194), the United Kingdom (54 million) and Switzerland (47 million).

The Netherlands (€580 million), Germany (€44 million), Spain (€43 million) and Belgium (€36 million) are the main import markets for Italy.