The European value of the production of flowers and ornamental plants (no nursery), generated by 33,000 companies on 55,000 hectares, is 9.4 billion – 10 times as much as African production and almost double of North America (Eurostat, AIPH).

Asian production is driven by China, which fluctuates between 7 and 8 billion euros. In the Asian case, the hectares dedicated to the production of flowers and ornamental plants exceed 520,000 (India and China lead the world ranking in this regard) and involve almost 100,000 companies.

In South America, 45,000 hectares of land are cultivated by 8,000 companies, generating €1.6 billion in production value.

The production value of the European nursery is 12 billion euros, with an estimated 20,000 companies in the sector.

Also in this case, China, on the nursery front, produced over 9 billion euros (source: China Flower Association) compared to 12 in Europe, which is equivalent to twice as much as North American production.