EU countries imported 4.5 billion potted plants in 2022 (1.3 billion Germany, 900 million the Netherlands, 620 million France; Italy at 374 million).

Great Britain, for non-EU countries, has imported over 425 million euros of potted plants (Eurostat, AIPH).

EU imports of horticultural products from non-EU countries amounted to €2.46 billion, of which €1.6 billion went to the Netherlands. The main sourcing markets are Kenya (over 600), then Ecuador (over 300) and Ethiopia (over 200).

The same sequence was recorded for the cut fresh flower: EU imports at 1.58 billion, 60% destined for the Netherlands, mainly from Kenya, Colombia and Ethiopia.

Of the 450 million imports of ornamental plants, almost 300 million have reached the Netherlands.