The VI edition of Myplant & Garden has been a great success. It has been the result of difficult decisions, but we considered that keeping the original schedule of February 2022 was the most sensible thing to do. February is the timeframe that is closest to the needs of the many facets that make up the garden industry supply chain.

After two years of absence, all the players in the sector have returned to the center of business — including international ones. On the one hand, the exhibition offer was complete, on the other hand, foreign buyers and visiting Italian operators met the expectations of the exhibitors.

Thinking back to the days of the fair, the first thoughts that come to mind are emotional rather than organizational. In some ways, it seemed like a brand new, first edition, charged with expectations and hope. Over the last two years we have maintained a continuous and open dialogue with the exhibitors, we have discussed many issues, we have fought against institutions for them.

Together we have witnessed a constant growth in the collective awareness of the interconnectedness of all “green” factors: health, beauty, the future of domestic environments, of hospitality, of the community. With exhibitors we have studied a wide range of actions and arguments to be developed at Myplant, ranging from new trends and sales and consumption channels to hybridizations, from innovation to green building, from regulations to the world of flowers.

Thus Myplant, exhibitors, visitors and all parties could once again become the cultural, relational and business center for the garden industry. Myplant 2022 has been a successful gamble built through commitment, mutual respect and a common understanding which, despite an uncertain scenario, has shown excellent results.