Little domestic jungles are growing. Especially in the homes of millennials, otherwise called ‘indoor generation’ or ‘green generation’. The New York Times has reported that 31% of indoor plant sales (decorative plants) in the USA were made by the younger generations.

New living trends, fusion between indoor & outdoor, smaller kitchen gardens, environmental inspiration and wellness are among the reasons of this phenomenon, that is even reaching the workplace. The actual benefits are various: plants are good both on a psychological level and on an air-depuration level, because they absorb, metabolise and deactivate polluting substances – particles or dangerous chemical elements present in office equipment and house products.


Which plants and flowers will be ‘more fashionable’ next year?

According to the information gathered by the Flower Council of Holland, the most searched-for plants in 2020 will be: January: rose, February: chrysantemum, March: tulip, April: gerbera, May: alstroemeria, June: lily, July: sunflower, gladiolus, snapdragon August: dahlia, September: hydrangea, October: lisianthus, November: orchid, December: amaryllis.