Growing even larger, richer, and more vibrant, Myplant will open the new Pavilion 8 in February 2024. An additional 5,000 square meters will gather functions, areas, and special events of great appeal. The following will find space here:


Garden Center New Trend, the cult event for garden traders that has been anticipating market trends since 2016. Developed over 800 square meters, the setting will be dedicated to the Next Generation, talking over passion, greenery, youth, and the future.


Décor District, the bustling arena of decoration and floral and botanical creativity, hosting contests, photo shoots, fashion shows, workshops, and meetings with grand masters and international floral design ateliers and trendsetters. The theme of the year will be weddings.


BLOOM’S: In the area curated by L’Officina delle Piante by Annette Gottmann, international trendsetters from BLOOM’S return to present a preview of upcoming decorative and floral trends. Providing space for creativity in a lively and unique choreography.


Planet Art Camp: In the conference hall, a photographic exhibition of land art concept works in competition, to be created with natural, waste, and recycled materials (excluding plastic). The initiative is curated by Edizioni GreenPlanner.


Restaurants: Two new large surrounded by greenery dining halls with 500 seats for buyers, visitors, and exhibitors, featuring exceptional menus showcasing the flavours and scents of Valcamonica. Dishes that tell stories of territories, history, culture, and authenticity.