The most recent data available on the value of Italian horticulture dates to 2019 and shows how that year registered a growth trend for the third in a row, with revenues for over 2,7 billion Euros: +160 million over 2018, +176 over 2017.

The management of Myplant comments positively on the subject, having boosted production and export of Italian products thanks to its extremely successful advent on the Italian landscape of trade fairs a few years ago.

After skipping the 2020 edition, Myplant has been forced to postpone once again its VI edition to February 2022 because of the ongoing pandemics.

According to AEFI – the Italian association that promotes the development of trade fairs in the country – 200,000 companies choose Italian trade fairs every year as a strategic asset for their growth and development. Italian trade fairs register a turnover of over 60 billion Euro and determine half of Italian exports in the world.

“We ask that the trade-fair system be considered proportional to its weight and value: trade fairs are and will be a basic tool to spread products ‘Made in Italy’ in the world.”

The proof comes from official data that show record numbers for the export of Italian horticulture products, with 900 million Euro in 2019 and a surplus in the trade balance of 370 millions.

“Leaving organisers of trade fairs without due support means both ruining the reputation of Italian trade fairs on an international level, and demolishing a driving force in the Italian economy.”