A special area of 5,000 sqm focusing on landscape, design and green building, offers to visitors product previews, innovative materials, quality projects, special initiatives, meetings with the protagonists of business and architecture, public Administration and international delegations looking for clients, suppliers, services, ideas, and solutions.
Project coordinated by EN Space network

First focus:

SPORTSGROUNDS, with the meetings dedicated to synthetic and ornamental sport green, to the future of the San Siro Stadium, to the design of sports facilities, to COPENHILL – the synthetic grass ski slope -, to the design of golf courses.

LANDSCAPE AREA proposes meetings dedicated to the conversion of the former EXPO 2015 AREA in Milan, the Food Policy (policies for the diffusion of urban gardens), the agreements for the outsourcing of greenery maintenance, the meeting between nature for culture, the municipalities speeches, the outcome of the design competition SKY FARM.

SPAZIO AVATAR, where design studios tell their completed or under construction projects creating a real work table (MAURIZIO VARRATTA ARCHITETTO – T SPOON – GIUSEPPE TORTATO ARCHITETTI – URBAN-GAP – PRINCIPIOATTIVO Architecture Group – NEMESI)

PP.AA. PROJECT, the area where public administrations that are committed to plan and redevelop green areas promotes meetings between designers, operators and technicians. With the adhesions of Milan, Venice (with the Polytechnic of Milan), Bologna, Padua, Turin, Verona, Limone del Garda, Gardone Riviera, Brescia, Rome, Zagreb, Croatian Ministry of Planning, Krakow, Vienna, Island of Pico-Azores.

LA STRADA DELL’EDILIZIA, a 100m. long aisle presents a mosaic of flooring solutions for the outdoors and it leads the visitor to the Landscape Area.